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Parachute Cord

Parachute Cord

US Govt. Specs
Not intended for use with a Parachute!

Parachute cord, parachute line, parachute rope,... no matter what it is called it is the same thing "Parachute Cord". This parachute cord is made to US Government specifications that did not pass final testing to be used for Military parachutes, therefore it is not intended for use with a parachute.  However, it is great for many other uses; work, crafts, hobbies, camping, farming, etc.

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Parachute Cord

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Parachute Cord
Parachute Cord

10 Yards

Qty: Item: 24:92:50552SP10Our Price $5.95

25 Yards

Qty: Item: 24:92:50552SP25Our Price $11.95

50 Yards

Qty: Item: 24:92:50552SP50Our Price $19.95

250 Yards Spool

Qty: Item: 24:92:50552SP250Our Price $59.95
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