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14 Inch Length Shoelaces

This is the only 14 Inch lace that we carry. This 14 Inch Shoelace is a good replacement for any shoe that needs a 14 Inch Length Shoelace.

This Shoe Lace Length page is designed to make it easier for you to find the Shoe Lace you are looking for in the length you need. This Shoe Lace Length page contains shoelaces that are all 14 inches in length. This 14 inch Length page is divided into the type of shoes that the laces are intended for: Specialty. In the description of each lace, you will find all the information you need: approx. diameter/width, length, shoelace type and shape, quantity it is sold in (2 or 4 laces), exact color, the shoe type the lace is intended for and price.

14 Inch Shoelaces are sold in 2 Pair Per Pack (4 laces)

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Specialty 14 Inch Shoelaces
FFF-25 INFANT COTTON White 1/4 inch by 14 Inch Shoelaces 2 Pair Pack

White 14 inch

Shoelaces 2 Pair Pack (4 Laces)

Laces Width / Diameter Approx: 3/16 inch
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Shoe Type: Specialty
Qty: Item: 24:91:904INFW14Our Price $5.49
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