Custom Length Shoelaces Catalog

We offer a great selection of Custom Length Shoelaces that are the same top quality lacing from which our other shoelaces are made. Custom Length Shoelaces with metal tips or aglet are available in 5/16 Inch Flat Tubular Athletic, Round Athletic, 7/16 Inch Flat Tubular Athletic, Metallic Flat, Glitter Flat, Grosgrain Ribbon, Dance Shoes, Velvet, Waxed Cotton Thin Round Dress, Waxed Cotton Flat Dress, Fashion Thin Round Dress, Fashion Round Casual, Fashion Round Athletic, Fashion Flat Athletic and Parachute Cord Shoelaces. This is ideal for any shoe or boot that needs an unusual length or very long length laces such as knee high tennis shoes and more. These Custom Length Shoelaces are also perfect for corset lacing.

**Please note that Custom Length Shoelaces are NOT returnable so measure carefully**

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