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Shoe Lace

Looking for a shoe lace? Try the shoe lace experts!

Shoe Lace:

Many people have had to discard a perfectly good pair of shoes because of a shoe lace related problem. Not any more! If you’ve got a broken shoe lace or are missing a shoe lace… don’t despair, get in touch with us. carries a shoe lace for every category for shoe –casual, dress, athletic,  even boots, and much more!

Infant Laces

  • Infant Shoelaces

Dress Laces

  • Waxed Dress Shoelaces
  • Elastic Dress Shoelaces
  • Flat Dress Shoelaces
  • Round Dress Shoelaces
  • Round Braided Shoelaces
  • 100% Cotton Shoelaces

Athletic Laces

  • Waxed Cordo-Hyde Shoelaces
  • Golf Shoes Shoelaces
  • Flat Athletic Shoelaces
  • Round Athletic Shoelaces
  • Thick Round Athletic Shoelaces
  • Oval Athletic Shoelaces
  • Sure-Lace Shoelaces
  • Bubble Shoelaces
  • 1/2" Wide Flat Tubular
  • Speed Lacing System
  • Reflective Round Athletic Shoelaces
  • Poly Hockey Athletic Shoelaces
  • Poly-Waxed Hockey Shoelaces
  • Skateboard Shoelaces
  • Figure Skate Laces
  • Round Sport Lanyards
  • Shoulder Pad Laces
  • Reflective Tape

Boot / Hiking Laces

  • Leather Shoelaces
  • Hikers Heavy Duty Shoelaces
  • Boot Laces
  • Aramid Fiber Boot Laces
  • 100% Aramid Fiber Boot Laces
  • Firemen Laces Shoelaces
  • Camo Boot Laces
  • Military Boot Laces
  • Square Leather Laces
  • Round Leather Laces

Glitter Shoelaces

  • Glitter Flat 1/4" Shoelaces
  • Glitter Flat 3/8" Shoelaces
  • Tubular Glitter 5/16" Shoelaces
  • Stars Flat 5/16" Shoelaces
  • Glow in the Dark Shoelaces
  • Angelus Glitterlites Flexible Glittercoat

Novelty Laces

  • Metallic Shoelaces
  • Glow in the Dark Shoelaces
  • Wide Laces Shoelaces
  • Lock Laces
  • Curly Laces
  • 4" Curly Laces
  • Tyless Laces Shoelaces
  • Stay Tied Shoelaces
  • Elastic Dress Shoelaces
  • Speed Lacing System
  • Round w/ Metal Tips Shoelaces
  • Butterfly Shoelaces
  • Daisy Shoelaces
  • Printed Shoelaces


  • Leather Boot Lace
  • Square Leather
  • Round Leather
  • 1MM Leather Cord
  • 2MM Leather Cord
  • 3MM Split Suede
  • 3MM Calf Craft
  • 3MM Latigo
  • 3MM Belting
  • Baseball Glove Lace

Other Lacing

  • Phone Strap
  • Camera Strap
  • Cotton Draw Cord
  • Artificial Sinew
  • Reflective Tape
  • 100% Cotton Laces
  • Speed Lacing System
  • Custom Printed Laces

Red Wing Shoes®

  • Replacement Shoe & Boot Laces

New Balance Shoes®
Replacement Shoelaces

  • New Balance® Index Page
  • Athletic Flat Shoelaces
  • Athletic Oval Shoelaces
  • Athletic Round Shoelaces
  • 991 & 992 Flat Tubular Shoelaces
  • Hiker Shoelaces
  • Race for the Cure - Komen Shoelaces
  • Flat Reflective Shoelaces
  • Super Reflective Heavy Duty Shoelaces
  • Sure-Lace (Bubble Shoelaces)

The length of a shoe lace can vary greatly, so if you can, try to measure yours.

Shoelaces Express is a family owned and operated business. We are debt-free and have very low overhead… this means we can provide our customers the highest quality products available (like a shoe lace) at unbelievably low prices.

We thank you for considering Shoelaces Express for your shoe lace and related concerns.