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The Starting Shoelace Knot

All of the shoelace techniques shown on this site use the same "Left-over-Right" Starting Knot. Here's how to tie this basic knot, known as a "Half Knot" or "Overhand Knot". Don't worry, this knot is a LOT easier than it looks in these diagrams!
These diagrams are all drawn as though looking down at your own shoes while tying, and are color-coded to make it easier to follow where the lace runs. The lace end that starts on the left side is Blue and the end that starts on the right side is Yellow. For color-blind visitors, Blue=Dark=Left, Yellow=Light=Right.
Step 1:
Starting Knot diagram 1
Cross the left (blue) end over the right (yellow) end. The left (blue) end is now on the right side.
Step 2:
Starting Knot diagram 2
Begin to wrap the right (blue) end around the front of the left (yellow) lace to end up at the back of the gap between the laces.
Step 3:
Starting Knot diagram 3
Feed the right (blue) end through the gap to emerge at the front right hand side.
Step 4:
Starting Knot diagram 4
Pull both ends tight to complete the knot.

This shoelace tying information has been provide by Ian Fieggen.