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    Customer Reviews

    Patricia L.

    My goodness! I've never had such prompt service before. I only have one concern: will FedEx deliver this Saturday, June 13? I'm sure I'll need to pay an additional amount for Saturday delivery, which I'll be glad to do. If they say they can't do Saturday delivery, they can send it Saturday Hold for Pickup and I can pick it up at the North Charleston FedEx office (or another one in the area). By the way, I loved your website. So colorful and easy to use. And the photo of your dog with the laces made my day!

    Thank you so much!

    SLE: "Hi, It is shipping today. Looks like you will receive them tomorrow."

    WOW!!!!!!! You folks are incredible!

    We'll pass the word around here in coastal SC because a lot of men here wear the seersucker suits in the summer and the white nubuck shoes. I can vouch after a two-day search that there's not a thin round white 30-36" shoelace in stores in our area. Have a great day! You certainly made mine.

    Cathy A.


    Thank you so much for getting these shoelaces to me so fast! I am making masks for nurses and other people who need them. I am very grateful for the great service and wanted you to know.

    Back to work now.

    Stay healthy and stay in business!

    Jeff H.

    Great customer service! I made an error in my original order; and Page who works for you took care of me in a timely and very accurate fashion. Kudos to Page and Thank You!
    I'll be ordering again from you and am recommending your business to my friends.
    Speaking of which; a Keen Representative was who told me about your service in the first place. 

    Lori M.

    I just want to thank you so much for all your help! The laces fit perfect and my husband is so happy!!!! The laces are great quality and look great with the boots!!! I will definitely spread the word and buy all my laces from your company!! 

    Have a wonderful and blessed day!

    Thank you again!!! 


    To whom it may concern,

    I just wanted to thank you for my shoelaces order which I received today- the thin laces are just perfect! Thank you especially for providing them, my son will wear them when he is the ring bear in my brother’s wedding. My brother and son will be so handsome (and adorable) wearing matching suits, shoes and almost the exact same laces... which also prompted my email.

    In addition to your above and beyond customer service and generosity, you all really have a unique product (the thin laces) that I believe many people would love such as ourselves for weddings/ special occasions, father-and-son accessory matching or giving an outfit an extra touch! There just aren’t enough ‘boy’ accessories on the market, I’d buy them!

    I am sure you are likely aware of a company called whiskers, for men’s shoelaces. This is where my brother got his laces (before finding your company) and they do not provide laces for smaller shoes/ boys - a real missed opportunity! Further, in my research I did not find any other company that provides a suitable product like what I received with the thin laces, they are high quality (I was pleasantly surprised). Anyway, thought I’d mention that and thank you.

    Attached is an adorable picture of your laces on my son’s size T5 little shoes! We will treasure pictures of them together.... and my husband is jealous he doesn’t get to wear them to the wedding too ha, ha! I’ll have to place another order for different occasion for them. Thanks again!

    Best wishes,