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    Lock Laces

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    Lock Laces is a patented elastic shoelace and fastening system. Lock Laces are elastic – no tie, bungee - shoelaces that are unlike any other athletic shoelaces. Lock Laces are designed to eliminate banding, pressure points, heel crushing and tight spots. Lock Laces are lightweight and is the best combination of locked-in safety and stretch-fit comfort. They're a safe alternative for Velcro shoes as they are fast, convenient and secure.

    Over a million Lock Laces have been sold since March, 1999 in over 67 countries. Lock Laces are perfect for track and field, triathlons, 5K’s, and marathons. Lock Laces are designed to improve athletic performance using simple compression that will not come untied. These shoelaces are made of durable nylon and alloy spring and the Laces in Lock Laces are made of polyester covered elastic cord. Lock Laces are 48 inches long and One Size Fits All!

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