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    Tyless Shoelaces

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    Tyless Laces will improve the performance, comfort and ease of use of almost any shoes - sport shoes, casual shoes, medical shoes and more. Tyless Laces provide a simple elegant solution for setting the tension and locking in place flexible shoe laces.

    Tyless Laces stay at the same tension with no adjustments necessary. The simple locking mechanism is easy to setup with options for button location to give different looks and feel. The heavy duty lace material (3 mm Flexible lace cord) works so that shoes fit comfortably and securely. Tyless Laces flexible material allows shoes to slip off and on easily, move with feet and expand with heavy use.

    Tyless Laces are made with UV Resistant materials that will outlast your shoes and will not break. The locking mechanism can be easily adjusted in seconds for firm or loose tension. With Tyless Laces knots are not required but can be used for appearance. There are no complicated fasteners and laces never come undone. This insures no tripping or stopping to re-tie laces.

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