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    Riplaces are what’s new in laces. Each set of Riplaces contain 60 precision-made loops (12 each of 5 different sizes). The Riplace loops are made of the highest quality elastic covered durable stretch fabric shell. These different sizes let you be the designer of how your Riplaces will look on your shoes and provide you with optimal comfort and performance.

    The design of Riplace bands with their precision sizing and stretch coefficient are the key part of the design making comfort easily attainable.  

    Riplaces are extremely durable. The closures on Riplaces are extremely strong and should outlast the shoe itself. The highest quality injection-molded nylon (the same material used in many mil-spec and law enforcement tactical products) and polycarbonate (used in clear bullet-proof products) are used in making the Riplace closures.

    The Riplaces have been tested by users and the outcome is that the test users had the same set of bands for nearly a year with no problem at all. If a band wears out or breaks, remember your Riplace Kit contains 60 bands so there are plenty to spare