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    Speed Lacing System

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    Note: If cord-lock jams in open position, squeeze two small tabs. 


    If you get tired of adjusting shoelaces, this is the accessory for you! The white zero-friction speed lacing system will have you back in action fast. Zero-Friction Speed Lacing System works by moving the laces from inside the shoes to the surface of the shoes, which removes friction between the lacing and the shoes.

    The Zero Friction Speed Lacing System allows the shoes to go on and off with very little effort. It also changes the lace tension to be equal throughout the shoe which provides incredible support and comfort. Shoes are adjusted perfectly in seconds!

    PLEASE NOTE THAT Shoelaces are NOT included. By using the Zero-Friction Speed Lacing System, shoes can be put on and come off with ease with comfort and support. The Laces (NOT INCLUDED) adjust easily in seconds. The Zero Friction Speed Lacing System are recommended by runners and competitive athletes because it equalizes shoe lace tension. The Zero Friction Speed Lacing System works with ALL shoelaces (ShoeLaces are NOT included).

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