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    We are the Talkington family – Jim, Page, Gabe, Carlyn and our lively pup Leo. To us, having a business comes with the responsibility and privilege of giving.  

    We work hard to create a place where everyone wins.

    • For individual customers… giving more value for the price of the product and exceptional, personal service at every interaction.
    • For wholesale customers… offering quality products creating an income stream to make an honest living
    • For vendors… spreading helpful, quality products that help solve people’s problems
    • For contractors… engaging the skills they have that extend our impact past what we are capable of on our own

    Small things can make a big difference.  At times, bold and courageous action is also required.  So whether we are helping a customer find the right lace for a shoe, donating laces to local charities and schools or giving big to churches or other worthy causes locally or around the globe, we go the extra mile.

    Community, relationships, communication, and service are important to us.  We really mean it when we say it.  We are here to share hope, encouragement, and authentic service.  We hope we get to share it with you.