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    Explore all of our shoelaces by width!

    This is a "Guideline only" to compare the width of shoelaces. It is not actual size, this is an enlargement of a 1 inch ruler. This shoelace width comparison guide shows the difference in width of all the different shoelaces we carry. It is not possible to show actual shoelace width because each one is viewing this on different computers with different monitor sizes and different display settings. Therefore this is only a shoelace width comparison guide.

    For example, it shows that a shoelace that is 7/32 inch wide is larger than a 3/16 inch wide shoelace and it is smaller than a 1/4 inch wide shoelace.

    Metal tips are available for most all of our laces in Silver, Black, and Brass. Be sure to pick your favorite to really make your shoes stand out!

    1/16" Wide
    3/32" Wide
    1/8" Wide
    5/32" Wide
    3/16" Wide
    7/32" Wide
    1/4" Wide
    9/32" Wide
    5/16" Wide
    3/8" Wide
    7/16" Wide
    1/2" Wide
    9/16" Wide
    3/4" Wide