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    Leather Care Products was developed by a former firefighter. Mr. Obenauf wanted to have a product that was best suited to protect boots and all that firefighters are exposed to such as steam, heat, wet ashes (lye) and caustic fire retardants. Mr. Obenauf did much research and eventually came up with Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Preservative (LP).

    He found that with regular use of the formula, boots lasted longer and stayed more comfortable. Word spread and soon he not only had firefighter customers, but also ranchers, loggers, hunters, bikers, and boot companies.

    Additional research was done for a more convenient version of Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Preservative. There was a demand for a Leather Oil that would extend the life of furniture, dress boots, jackets, saddle and tack and leather that is not exposed to severe elements. For this, Obenauf’s Leather Oil was developed.

    Obenauf’s Water Shield is a non-aerosol water-based silicon emulsion spray that was made to waterproof fabric. Obenauf’s oil was rated #1 overall in the following categories and conditions: Resistance to perspirations, manure acid, alkali and other chemicals, Static water penetration, Dynamic water penetration, Premature cracking, Scuffing and abrasion, Mold and mildew, Parching due to heat and Stitch tear.

    Obenauf's remarkable leather care products use natural oils, beeswax, and propolis in a unique, scientific approach that not only preserves, protects, and waterproofs your valuable leather, but can also restore faded, dry, and neglected items.

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