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    At Shoelaces Express, we appreciate every customer. We also know communication is so important. In times like these more than ever before. During this era of COVID-19 concerns, we are putting safety first like everyone else.

    For those who are making face masks for our front line medical workers from home, thank you for helping!  We would like to offer you 10% off your order for these supplies that you order from Shoelaces Express. You can use code BEWELL at checkout to get the discount.

    Here are some things you might want to know regarding orders placed with us:

    1.  Your items are fulfilled by a minimal number of people.

    • We are family owned and operated.
    • Orders are fulfilled by people who really love each other - so much we (Jim and Page) got married... 19 years and counting.
    • When we need an occasional helping hand outside of the moral support from our poodle Leo, the company mascot and mischief maker, our kids, Gabriel (17) and Carlyn (16) are here.
    • We are one household all sheltering in place and following CDC guidelines during this time.

    2.  Packaged items are left for pickup by your chosen vendor in a private, unexposed area that shipping vendors access by code.

    3.  Continual cleaning protocols are in place.