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    Suede and Nubuck

    Nubuck and Suede Shoe Care

    Suede shoes are a staple in many wardrobes. These shoes have the ability to look seamlessly classy and can also be dressed down for a hip, casual look. With the proper type of care, a good pair of high-quality suede shoes should be able to look amazing and last for decades. However, the issue that many suede shoe owners face is that nubuck and suede shoe care products are hard to find in typical shoe stores. You also don't want to use just any shoe care product - suede shoes need specific cleaners and dyes that regular shoe care products do not provide. Using the wrong type of cleaner for suede could possibly damage it. Shoeshine Express is dedicated to helping you find the perfect suede shoe care products for your beloved suede and nubuck shoes. Shop now!

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