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    OldKook's Snowboard Shoelaces

    OldKook Dura-Force Snowboard Boot Laces are the strongest, toughest and most durable snowboarding boot laces. Dura-Force Laces are made from super high-tech fibers which are braided to create shoe laces that are -- literally -- stronger than steel cable of the same diameter (Over 1600 pounds tensile strength). So, not only are they the strongest shoelaces in the world, they are also the toughest! They're coated with urethane for maximum abrasion and water resistance.

    OldKook Dura-Force Snowboard Boot Laces are far superior to standard snowboard bootlaces and better than any replacement laces available. They are the same as Snakes! Laces and Work Boot Laces, but in longer lengths for snowboard boots. If you're tired of hassling with busted laces, get OldKook Dura-Force Snowboard Boot Laces and get back out on the mountain!

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