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    It is strange to think that shoelaces are important to our life but they truly have become vital to our everyday existence. A milestone in a child’s life is when he or she learns how to tie his or her own shoelaces. Before athletes go out on the field or court, they must secure their shoelaces. Before each of us heads out to work or school or play we most all secure our shoelaces if we are wearing shoe with laces. Not only do they ensure the proper fit of your shoe but they can prevent an injury if secured properly.

    It could almost be said that shoelaces have been instrumental in modernizing the world. Through ancient times the human race mainly traveled by foot, whether in small groups as explorers or traders or in large groups like armies. The protection of the foot became very important very quickly which started the invention and innovation of shoes and shoelaces. This need for shoes brought on the need for shoe laces. For someone to travel by foot safely and quickly the shoes one is wearing need to fit securely and comfortably on ones foot. Shoelaces provided this function. Therefore as shoelaces evolved and improved footwear, mankind has been able to explore the world, advance commerce and expand civilizations.

    For such a small seemingly insignificant part of clothing, the shoelace has had a huge impact on our world and our daily lives.