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    How to Tie Shoelaces

    A Primer for Absolute Beginners

    Setting Your Foundation

    Step One

    how to tie shoelaces

    Cross the blue end over the yellow end.
    The blue end is now on the right side.

    Step Two

    how to tie shoelaces

    Wrap the blue end around
    the front of the yellow lace.

    Step Three

    how to tie shoelaces

    Feed the blue end through the gap
    to emerge at the front right side.

    Step Four

    Step 4 Basic Knot
    Pull both ends tight and you'll be ready
    to move on to the shoelace knot.


    Standard Shoelace Knot

    Step One

    how to tie shoelaces

    Make the blue end into a loop
    by simply doubling it back onto itself.

     Step Two

    how to tie shoelaces

    Take the yellow end and pass it around,
    behind the blue loop.

    Step Three

    Standard Knot Step 3
    Wrap the yellow end around
    the blue loop to end up in front.
    Step Four

    Standard Knot Step 4
    Feed the yellow lace into
    the hole that has just been made.
    Step Five

    Standard Knot Step 5
    With the yellow lace now
    through the hole, pull both loops tight.

    Step Six

    how to tie standard knot

    Continue pulling on the loops
    until the knot is firmly tied.



    How to Fix Crooked Bows and Slipping Laces

    Do your shoelaces always come undone? Do your shoelace bows sit vertically instead of across the shoe?
    If so, you're probably tying a "granny knot." One simple change to your technique
    will result in a balanced knot that sits straight and stays secure.

    Balanced Knot

    how to tie shoelaces

    Unbalanced Knot

    how to tie Unbalanced Knot


    Balance Your Knot
    Left Over Right
    Left Over Right
    Right Over Left
    Right Over Left

    If your shoelaces often go vertical, all you have to do is reverse your starting knot.
    Do you normally begin with left over right? Try right over left instead,
    then continue tying your knot the same as you always do.
    Do you normally begin with right over left? Switch it up.

    Creating an attractive, balanced shoelace knot is as simple as that.


    This tutorial was created by Ian Fieggen, known as Professor Shoelace.
    For even cooler, faster shoelace knots and advanced tying techniques,
    please visit his website here: 
    Ian's Shoelace Site