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    Customer Service Questions

    New Balance 840v4 shoes


    Hello.  I own two pairs of New Balance 840v4 shoes.  I need replacement laces in size 54.  However, I don't know what style lace it is.  I would describe it as a thin flat lace, as opposed to the wide flat that you see on the  993.  Can you recommend the appropriate style?  Thanks, KH

    Here is a link to the laces I would recommend for the New Balance 840v4 : https://shoelacesexpress.com/collections/classic-flat-athletic

    I was referred to your site by LL Bean Customer Service.


    I was referred to your site by LL Bean Customer Service.  I am attempting to find what they referred to as a 32” rawhide lace for a brown, bison leather moccasin-style shoe.  I did not find this on the Shoe Laces Express site, although several lace styles (leather, square, brown) all appear to be sold out.  Can you assist my efforts to find the appropriate laces?  Thank you.  - Tim




    Here is an option: https://shoelacesexpress.com/collections/sperry/products/sperry-square-leather-lace-and-needle-kit-includes-leather-lacing-needle-burnt-sienna-1-pair-pack 


    Unfortunately, our leather supplier sold their company to a China company about 1 year ago and their way of tanning isn’t something we would want to sell. Hence, why our inventory is so low.

     Stay Healthy,




    Page, Thank you very much.  Yours is without question the quickest on-line customer inquiry response I have ever experienced.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  - Tim

    Looking for laces for my Ugg Dagmann Chukka


    Looking for laces for my Ugg Dagmann Chukka - Ugg sent me to your website.
    31 inches, flat,
    I can send a picture if it would help
    Thank you in advance



    Here is a link: https://shoelacesexpress.com/collections/waxed-cotton-dress-flat-shoelaces

    These come in 24”, 30” and 36” lengths.

    We can custom make any length you need with the same lace.

    Here is a link: https://shoelacesexpress.com/collections/custom-length-waxed-cotton-flat-dress-shoelaces

    Thank you for reaching out.