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    Shoelace Length Guide

    We understand that estimating shoelace length is tricky! If your laces have been damaged or lost, it can seem almost impossible to get the right length when you order replacement laces. It doesn't have to be a challenging feat to get the exact shoelaces you need! Check out our Shoelace Length Guide below and get the right length every time.

    Not sure what length to order? 

    The best practice is to measure your existing lace tip to tip.

    Dog ate your laces?  No problem.  Just lace your shoe with a piece of string or yarn until it looks right and measure from there.

    Don't want to go to those "lengths"?  You can take a chance on our handy length guide reference below.

    Step 1:  Count the exact number of eyelets on one shoe and divide by 2 so you can know how many PAIRS of eyelets your shoe has.

    Step 2:  Find your number of PAIRS of eyelets in the chart below and find the coordinating length in inches or centimeters.

    PAIRS of eyelets Length in inches Length in centimeters
    4 27" 69cm
    5 36" 91cm
    6 40" 102cm
    7 45" 114cm
    8 54" 137cm
    9 63" 160cm
    10 72"  183cm

    Step 3:  Order your laces accordingly

    shoelace length guide

    Feeling like mixing it up and making a statement with your shoes?  Try a variation on your lace shape or color or go for a novelty shoelace to make it fun or fancy.

    Still unsure? Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives to help walk you through getting what you want. 

    Call us at 706.543.3018 or email info@shoelacesexpress.com today.

    You can send us a photo of your laces and we can suggest a replacement for you.

    Satisfaction is guaranteed.  If the lace you ordered doesn't make you happy, exchanges and returns are easy.