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    Trees and Stretchers

    Shoe and Boot Stretchers

    Are your new shoes or boots just a little too tight? Brand new shoes and boots often cause some pain when you are first starting to wear them. This is because every foot is different - different hele sizes, toe lengths, and more. New shoes and boots can cause unwanted pressure on certain areas including the toes, heels, or parts of the arch. Our Shoe and Boot Stretchers are designed to help eliminate this issue! Shoe stretchers are extremely helpful tools that can expand the length and width of your shoes or boots in order to fit your foot perfectly. Boot stretchers are designer to stretch the calves and instep areas of the boot as well. Our stretchers can also stretch specific areas if you have bunions that need some relief from the pressure that your shoes can place on them. We carry top tier brands like Mallory, so you know that you are getting a good quality piece of equipment for prices that you can afford. Shop with Shoeshine Express now!

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