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    Hook + Albert Dress Socks

    How Hook + Albert Created the Best Fitting Dress Sock

    Hook + Albert the Best Fitting Dress Sock

    1  Hook + Albert created a doubled-over calf band that offers superior reinforcement to prevent tearing from day after day pulling on dress socks. This is because the calf band gets the most abuse due to the tugging and pulling that happens to dress socks. This doubled-over calf band provides comfort and durability and stops dress socks from rolling.

     2  Hook + Albert uses the world's greatest cotton – Peruvian Pima Cotton which is sought after due to its softness and luster. Peruvian Pima Cotton is the key for function, fit, breathability, comfort and style for these dress socks. Hook + Albert has gone the next step in increasing the needle-count which makes for a more sophisticated all weather and all attire dress sock.

     3  Hook + Albert has designed a unique "Y–Stitch" and placed it on the heel of all Hook + Albert dress socks. This creates a contoured and reinforced heel which allows for a custom-like fit while prolonging the life of the Hook + Albert dress sock.

     4  Hook + Albert has done extensive research to make their dress socks not only look fashionable but also functional. Hook + Albert dress socks have infused custom arch supports that help to increase circulation and minimizes foot fatigue while at the same time creating a comfortable, durable place for your arch to rest.

     5  Hook + Albert dress socks provides a customized Hand-Linked toe. Instead of over-locking the toe seam, Hook + Albert pairs the two stiches together which creates a more durable and comfortable smooth-like finish for your toes.


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