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    Thorogood Lace and Zip

    Thorogood Lace and Zip allows you to get in and out of your boots or shoes quickly and easily.

    Thorogood Lace and Zips are simple to install. Just use the included black laces to attach the device right to your boot or shoe, and you've got an easy to use zipper.

    The Thorogood Lace and Zip makes it easy to get in or out of your work boots and other shoes.

    Thorogood Lace and Zip has a Velcro strap that locks the zipper so it will stay zipped.

    Thorogood Lace and Zip come only in black and two lengths - 6 inch and 8 inch. The 6 inch has 6 pairs of eyelets and the 8 inch has 8 pairs of eyelets.

    Black laces (2) and instructions are included.

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