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    Custom Shoelaces

    Get the perfect length shoelace with the perfect tip.

    Custom Shoelaces

    Sometimes, a typical shoelace length just won't cut it. Maybe you need custom length shoelaces for a unique pair of shoes, or maybe you're needing them for a special project. Many people resort to tying shoelaces together or cutting them to get that perfect length that they are aiming for - however, this often times leaves the shoelaces looking uneven and can even lead to them fraying undesirably at the areas where they've been cut. 

    At Shoelaces Express, we understand that not every shoe is created to support a standard shoelace length. Instead of having to adapt a typical shoelace to a unique shoe, order custom length shoelaces from us! Our custom shoelaces are perfect for any shoe or boot that needs an unusual length or very long length laces such as knee high tennis shoes and more! 

    Custom length laces and cordage are also perfect for corset lacing, fashion designing, crafts, or other fun projects. For projects requiring even longer shoelaces, we also offer Spools of shoelaces!

    We offer a great selection of custom length shoelaces and cordage that are the same top quality lacing from which our other shoelaces are made. Our custom shoelaces don't just stop at the typical colors - we offer custom length shoelaces in many different prints, types, and patterns. 

    Our custom shoelaces are offered in a variety on styles, ensuring that your can find your perfect match. Styles include Round Custom Shoelaces, Flat Custom Shoelaces, Tubular Custom Shoelaces, and more. Additionally, custom length shoelaces with metal tips or aglet are available in a large variety of shoelaces. Explore your custom shoelace options below! 

    If you have a style in mind but couldn't find the right fit, you're in the right place - customize the length here!


    Metal tips are available for most all of our laces in Silver, Black, and Brass. Be sure to pick your favorite to really make your shoes stand out!



    — Tubular Custom Length Shoelaces —

    Tubular Athletic


    Why Custom Shoelaces?

    Custom wardrobes aren’t a new idea. But people are seeing new value in getting clothes and accessories they love and that fit perfectly. People buy things because they are standard or cheap and then they sit in a closet or drawer unused and wasted because they don’t make them feel like other pieces in their wardrobe. It happens all the time. That can happen even with shoelaces! Get the ultimate outfit coordination from head to toe by customizing your shoelace. Get noticed by people checking out something they haven’t seen before. Never go back to plain old laces again!

    our shoelaces – sturdy, reliable and fashionable

    Laces to short? Too Long?

    Have you ever bought a pair of shoes you loved, but the laces were too short or too long? Are you looking to find a way to express yourself when you have a “dress code” or maybe just seeing that your shoes or outfit would just “pop” with a specific lace? Or maybe you have a specialty shoe? We have seen it all and laced them all. We have helped our customers with everything from specialty work boots to high top athletic shoes to thigh-high laced heels!

    our shoelaces – sturdy, reliable and fashionable

    Customize your shoes with custom shoelaces from Shoelaces Express

    Our variety of styles, colors, designs, and custom cut lengths allow you to find the perfect style of shoelace for any pair of shoes. What better way to enhance the appearance of your favorite pair of shoes than with a one of a kind pair of shoelaces that showcase your personality.

    our shoelaces – sturdy, reliable and fashionable

    Not just for shoes

    Custom shoelaces are not only great for upgrading the appearance of your shoes, but they are also great for crafting projects! If you’re looking to use shoelaces as a way to create a new craft project, but can’t find the perfect color, design, or length for what you need, create a custom pair of shoelaces! You can customize the length, colors, and design to match your project perfectly and create a unique look that can’t be found anywhere else.

    our shoelaces – sturdy, reliable and fashionable

    Find the perfect custom shoelaces

    To find your perfect custom shoelaces, use our “sort-by” drop down menu to simplify your search! Search by length, color, style, brand, or width to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out our different categories of shoelace styles to inspire your new look!

    Custom Length Shoelaces

    Shoelaces Express has custom length shoelaces to fit your favorite styles! If you’re looking to add a new shoelace design to your favorite shoes, but can’t find the right fit, you’ve come to the right place. Not all shoes support standard lace lengths. Customizing the length of shoelaces is great for those who need wider shoes as well as for high top styled shoes. Even standard shoes can look and fit better with a custom length lace if you have a very wide or very narrow foot or ankle. Longer shoelaces are also a great option for those using shoelaces as a craft item! Customize the length of the lace to perfectly fit your project’s needs.

    Tying shoelaces together, or cutting them down to get a desired shoelace length is not the best way to get the shoelace length you need. Cutting shoelaces can cause the shoelace to fray and fall apart easier. Tying shoelaces together for a longer shoelace can be bulky and look messy. Creating a custom length shoelace is the perfect way to create the length of shoelace you need without affecting the style and appearance of the shoelace as a whole.

    Custom length shoelaces are also perfect for DIY face masks, corset lacing, and more! All custom length laces from Shoelaces Express come with a stylish metal tip that is hand crimped to give a clean, neat finish to the shoelace ends.

    Styles that we offer

    With hundreds of custom shoelace styles to choose from, there’s endless ways to customize your favorite shoes or create a unique craft project!

    Styles that we offer - Round Custom Length Shoelaces

    Round Custom Length Shoelaces

    Round shoelaces may be one of the most common styles of shoelaces, but with so many colors to choose from, it’s easy to create a fun and unique design! Choose from different colors, lengths, and textures to find the round custom length shoelace that is perfect for you.

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    Styles that we offer - Flat Custom Length Shoelace

    Flat Custom Length Shoelace

    Flat custom length shoelaces are a really fun trend for customized shoelaces. The flat style allows for more patterned designs, and creates a clean appearance with any style of shoe. Both athletic and casual shoes look great with a customized flat shoelace. Check out our different colors, designs, and materials to create your perfect look!

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    Tubular Custom Length Shoelaces

    Looking for great new shoelaces for your favorite athletic shoes? Tubular shoelaces are most common for athletic shoes as they provide a great quality, long lasting style that weather even the toughest sporting environments. Customize your athletic shoes with tubular custom length shoelaces to help you stand out on the field and perform your best.

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    Styles that we offer - Custom Spools of Lacing

    Custom Spools of Lacing

    Customized spools of lacing are perfect for special crafting projects! Shoelaces Express offers custom spools of lacing in spools of 144 yards and a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Finding the perfect style and color of lacing for your crafting project can be frustrating, so customize a spool of lacing to fit exactly what you need! Our different styles of lacing are great for DIY face masks, corset lacing, customized shoelaces, and much more! Every design is made with a high-quality material to be strong, lightweight, and fashionable. If you’re looking for a custom drawstring lace or cotton cordage, we have spools for these as well.

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    Metal Shoelace Tips

    Did you know that the tip on a shoelace is also called an aglet? While all of our custom length laces already come with a metal tip or aglet, you can customize any standard pair of laces by simply adding a metal tip. We will hand press your chosen tip on your laces when you purchase. Metal shoelace tips create a clean and unique look to any pair of shoelaces by adding an extra element of design. Choose from brass, silver, and black to create a look that perfectly compliments your favorite style of shoe. Not only do metal shoelace tips help to create the perfect customized shoelace design, but they also enhance the durability and strength of the shoelace so that you don’t have to worry about them fraying or falling apart. Check out our metal shoelace tips to be inspired for a new custom shoelace design!

    Shop metal tips

    Custom Shoelace Colors and Patterns

    Shoelaces Express offers hundreds of different customized shoelaces. Not only can you find different shoelace materials in custom lengths, but you can find different styles of materials, colors, and patterns in a customized length too! When you need a specific length of shoelace, there’s over 28+ colors to choose from, and different designs as well! Check out our glitter, checkered, or star shoelace designs to create a unique look for your shoes or craft project! With our customizable materials, lengths, colors, patterns and tips, the options are endless! You can easily find a unique way to express your style!

    Order your Custom Shoelaces today from Shoelaces Express! Contact Us today!