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    Custom Shoelaces

    Sometimes, a typical shoelace length just won't cut it. Maybe you need custom length shoelaces for a unique pair of shoes, or maybe you're needing them for a special project. Many people resort to tying shoelaces together or cutting them to get that perfect length that they are aiming for - however, this often times leaves the shoelaces looking uneven and can even lead to them fraying undesirably at the areas where they've been cut. 

    At Shoelaces Express, we understand that not every shoe is created to support a standard shoelace length. Instead of having to adapt a typical shoelace to a unique shoe, order custom length shoelaces from us! Our custom shoelaces are perfect for any shoe or boot that needs an unusual length or very long length laces such as knee high tennis shoes and more! 

    Custom length laces and cordage are also perfect for corset lacing, fashion designing, crafts, or other fun projects. For projects requiring even longer shoelaces, we also offer Spools of shoelaces!

    We offer a great selection of custom length shoelaces and cordage that are the same top quality lacing from which our other shoelaces are made. Our custom shoelaces don't just stop at the typical colors - we offer custom length shoelaces in many different prints, types, and patterns. 

    Our custom shoelaces are offered in a variety on styles, ensuring that your can find your perfect match. Styles include Round Custom Shoelaces, Flat Custom Shoelaces, Tubular Custom Shoelaces, and more. Additionally, custom length shoelaces with metal tips or aglet are available in a large variety of shoelaces. Explore your custom shoelace options below! 

    If you have a style in mind but couldn't find the right fit, you're in the right place - customize the length here!


    Metal tips are available for most all of our laces in Silver, Black, and Brass. Be sure to pick your favorite to really make your shoes stand out!



    — Tubular Custom Length Shoelaces —

    Tubular Athletic


    — More Custom Length Lacing —

    Spools of Shoelaces
    Cotton Cordage & Draw Strings