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    Aramid Fiber Boot Laces

    These Aramid Fiber laces are reinforced with multiple strains of Aramid fiber and are high tensile strength fiber with a unique combination of toughness and are excellent for work boots, outdoor rough wear boots and hiking boots. These Boot Laces come with regular tips plus black metal tips, brass metal tips and silver metal tips.

    These Aramid Fibers are Resistant to degradation during long term exposure at elevated temperatures.

    Aramid Fiber is a synthetic product characterized by strength being five times stronger than steel on an equal basis. Aramid Fiber is also heat – resistant in that is can withstand temperatures of more than 500 degrees Celsius. Aramid Fiber is made for various applications such as automotive, protective clothing against heat / radiation / chemicals, composites, ballistics, aerospace, telecommunications (optic fiber cables), asbestos substitute and many others. The word Aramid comes from the words “aromatic” and “polyamide” and is the general term for a fiber that is manufactured to form a substance that is a long chain synthetic polyamide. Several companies make Aramid Fiber and have marketed it under different names such as "Kevlar", "Nomex", "Twaron", "Techonara", and "Heracron". All of these names are trademarked.

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