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    Shoelaces Express is proud that ECCO® shoes recommends Shoelaces Express for replacement shoelaces.

    While ECCO® is not making any more branded shoelaces of their own, we have a small selection of their remaining supply. 

    If you can't find your lace in the Ecco brand, we have good news.  We can get you an equivalent replacement!.

    If you need help, please call or email us.  You can even send us a photo so we can help you find the right lace!

    ECCO Shoelaces:
    Flat Cotton Waxed
    Oval Polyester
    Round Polyester Water Resistant Golf
    Round Waxed 100% Cotton
    3/16" Round Cordura Polyester
    5/32" Round Cordura Polyester
    Round Waxed Cotton/Polyester

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