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    Spools of Shoelaces

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    Use as much or as little as you need. Our spools come in lengths of 100 to 144 yards! Our spools of shoelaces are the same high-quality laces we use for our shoelaces. Use them in arts and crafts, special projects, or on clothing. 

    Spools of Round Laces
    Waxed Cotton Round Casual/Athletic
    Waxed Cotton Thin Round Dress
    Fashion Thin Round Dress
    Fashion Round Casual/Athletic
    Round Athletic

    Round Nylon Boot
    Cotton Cordage & Draw String
    Spools of Flat Laces
    Waxed Cotton Flat
    Cotton Flat Athletic
    Fashion Flat Athletic
    100% Cotton Flat Tubular
    Flat Tubular 5/16"
    Flat Tubular 7/16"
    Spools of Novelty Laces
    Metallic Flat
    Printed Flat
    Glitter Flat

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